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Total Grant Solution™  - TGS is a subscription-based hosted full-cycle grants management software application with over 30 million usage hours.  The application optimizes performance for all levels of stakeholders, maximizing program management, accountability and opportunities in funding and service gaps.

TGS enhances and facilitates the efforts of Grants Managers by pinpointing data and relevant information about a project down to the individual client level.  Because TGS is web-enabled, it enables Grants Managers to access all aspects of a project's information -– anytime and anywhere -- through the convenience of the Internet.  The system’s ability to provide full cycle management truly puts the Grants Manager in the driver seat.

Over the past five years, TGS' full capabilities were utilized by many public sector grant makers to navigate and track the myriad complexities of grant making, including the meeting of mandated Federal program requirements.

Tekmeca understands the difficulties presented from using fragmented and mismatched grant management tools when working with different grant making organizations. The lack of a comprehensive, synchronized grant management solution leaves practitioners frustrated. Tekmeca designed Total Grant Solution™ - TGS with a holistic view of grant making and to satisfy the practitioner's need for an end-to-end solution that permits easy management of grant data throughout the entire grant making process.

Total Grant Solution™ - TGS is a suite of applications that bring together multi-dimensional functionality providing users with qualitative and quantitative project, financial and service recipient data.

In our increasingly competitive funding environment, we believe it is extremely important to arm social service practitioners with measurable and quantifiable results.

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Tekmeca is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3)) that designs and develops software for other non-profits, public agencies and socially aware organizations, maximizing their ability to deliver quality services to low‐income communities. Tekmeca forges true and meaningful partnerships between public, private and non-profit communities through accessible technologies.

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